What’s up!! We are now publishing books; both ebook and paperbacks. Elated to bring some authentic reads to have you turning the pages anxious for what’s next. Drusilla intends to publish complete stories with captivating storylines and realistic unforgettable characters. Reading is one of the best forms of therapy traveling the world through the eyes of others. Kick back and open up one of our intoxicating novels then buy one for your friend.

šŸKicking it off with a hot novella. Drusilla pens an epic tale of a pretty girl who is also wild. She loves to ride iron and party with the bikers to her boyfriend’s dismay. The question is, will her obsession with bikes and partying be the downfall of her relationship and her well being or will she give it up to live a normal life?

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More jaw dropping and page turning to continue through out the year. Get ready for this intoxication of self love, urban romance, erotica and street fiction. It’s only right we go hard all year.