What’s up!! We are now publishing books; both ebook and paperbacks. Elated to bring some authentic reads to have you turning the pages anxious for what’s next. Drusilla intends to publish complete stories with captivating storylines and realistic unforgettable characters. Reading is one of the best forms of therapy traveling the world through the eyes of others. Kick back and open up one of our intoxicating novels then buy one for your friend.

This is the first book to break out of the Cognac In My Coffee Presents umbrella. We are looking forward to serving up more this year well into 2030’s.


A big gangster will do whatever by any means necessary. Know what it means to be put in such a position. Toyanne and Flav will feel the fire when their gangster is being tested by an old foe.

Follow Drusilla Mars and Clarence Robertson on social media. They are both phenomenal writers with a knack for branding together hot storylines leaving readers wanting more every time. This is one of many projects the two have coming together, be on the look out for this duo.